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Our Services

We know it took a lot for you to get here.  

Stop by the Happy Office, your home-base to help you navigate the valley with ease.  

 Vilcabamba and Malacatos

 Get it right the first time translation services

One on one or group lessons

 Private guides to do banking, Loja and Cuenca trips,  emergency calls.

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Rental Services

We have an ongoing inventory of available housing in Vilcabmaba and Malacatos.  Contact us to get more information.  



Language Teacher / Translator /Designer
+593 98 688 4411


Civil Lawyer / Translator / Spanish Teacher
24-7 on call service
+593 98 548 2114

Play Video

 Videos by JoLi Farms interviewing Aura about recommendations on how to find a place to live in Vilcabamba. Thank you Joe for the endorsement!

Get to know the territory

Spanish Classes


Spanish Classes at the Happy Office

We have a popular ongoing Friday group class where students learn about the history of Vilcabamba, its customs and practical knowledge of how the city works. It’s a great place to meet other people and also enjoy field trips! $7 an hour.

We can help you.

With over 30 years combined hotel concierge experience, we can help you from A-Z. We can show you the options. Stop by and tell us your story. Open Monday – Friday 10-5pm.

Rates depend on serivces. We can make calls on your behalf for $5 each.

WhatsApp us:  +593 98 688 4411


About us.

The Happy Office is a shared office space in the heart of Vilcabamba. We connect people to resources that lead to quality experiences in Vilcabamba. We also house the Sweet Touch Studio that creates products that we sell in our shop.  

Aura Villa

Aura was born in Vilcabamba and is a language teacher, translator and a designer. 

Erika Padilla

Erika was born in Vilcabamba and is a civil lawyer, translator and Spanish teacher. 

Flower Diamond

Flower was born in the United States and is a poet and a writing teacher with experience in product design and gallery sales.

Meet the Happy Bunny

The Happy Bunny is our CEO.

You can come by anytime and tell him what you need. 

He’s got big ears, he will listen to everything you have to say. 


Thank you Bunny!